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Developed by AgResearch and extensively trialled in New Zealand, SMARTSHOT® B12 products consistently maintain B12 and selenium levels with a single injection, compared with short-acting B12 products which have to be injected every 4 weeks to maintain levels above adequate1.

• Sustained Vitamin B12 (and selenium) levels for consistent and maximised growth rates.
• As a long-acting, 0.5 ml given to lambs at tailing will increase B12 (and selenium) levels for at least 3– 4 months.
• 1000 lambs per pack, only $0.50-$0.60^ per injection.

Gains as little as 5 grams per day can provide a return on investment for SMARTSHOT®, meaning even flocks with marginal deficiencies will benefit.

Based on label claims and dosage, and supporting published literature. ^0.5ml dose, excl. GST. 1. Virbac data on file. Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A9984 and A9402. SMARTSHOT® B12 and SMARTSHOT® B12 Plus SE are registered trademarks of AgResearch Ltd. Copyright © 2020 Virbac New Zealand Limited. All rights reserved.


Hear from an expert, our Alexandra clinic veterinarian Rebecca Pirie:

When lambs are injected with vitamin B12, there can be an increase in liveweight gain due to the positive effect on the metabolism, meaning they can maximize the energy derived from the pasture which they are eating. The immature rumens are inefficient at converting cobalt into B12 and coupled with the high demands of the growing animal we often see deficiencies when milk intakes drop. Milk intakes will drop significantly even before weaning so supplementation at docking prevents this risk of deficiency occurring.

Injectable B12 comes in two forms: Short-acting B12 which is often found incorporated into vaccines and we would expect this supplementation to last only 3-4 weeks. In areas of deficiency repeat treatments may then be needed and will result in fluctuations of blood levels and therefore growth rates. Long-acting B12 (ie SMARTSHOT®) can be administered from 3 weeks of age (at tailing) and then maintain levels for 3-4 months getting us well through that weaning period and maximizing lambs away prime off mum.


Hear from Matt Wells from Virbac:

The 0.5ml dose of SMARTSHOT® is designed to be a single trace element injection to finish lambs.

When used at tailing (as recommended by Beef and Lamb NZ) a 0.5ml dose of SMARTSHOT® B12 will provide enough vitamin B12 for 3-4 months. Injecting at tailing means that lambs maintain their trace element levels up to and beyond weaning, with minimal handling.

This results in consistent and maximised growth rates through the period of highest trace element demand.

*Terms and conditions: SMARTSHOT®: The weigh station package offer is only available with purchases of SMARTSHOT® between the 20 August – 20 November 2020. Must be purchased through Vetlife clinics. Prices quoted are excluding GST, please see your local clinic for more details. Exclusive to Vetlife clinics in Canterbury and Otago.

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