Sheep and Beef

Vetlife veterinarians can add another dimension to your farming and provide advice on preventative animal health programmes that can add value to your farming enterprise. Why not use the support and information of expert veterinarians to guide you and make productive, sustainable animal health plans for your business?

Vet Sheep and Beef ServicesAngus_Beef444x234

  • Trace element monitoring.
  • Serological surveys re disease control for Campylobacter and Toxoplasmosis.
  • Bull soundness testing including libido and semen examination.
  • Disease control investigations for important diseases such as Bovine Diarrhoea, Leptospirosis and using modern PCR technology to detect previously difficult to identify diseases such as Campylobacter venerialis in Beef Bulls.
  • Animal Health Plans for the whole year to ensure correct timing and use of animal health products.
  • Ram soundness examinations including Brucella Ovis accreditation schemes and semen collection and evaluation.
  • Faecal egg counting including drench resistance monitoring at all clinics.
  • Farm dog health services including Taenia Ovis control through a worm pill mail out system.
  • On farm dog vaccination programmes.
  • A member of the 2008 farm dog survey run by Massey University.

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