Working Dogs

Is having a fit and healthy working dog a critical part of your farming business? We aim to ensure that we can provide the animal health care and nutritional requirement to keep your working dog active and healthy.


We are really interested in all the factors which contribute to your working dogs’ health, well-being and longevity.  So interested that we have begun a three to five year study following 600-700 South Island farm working dogs looking at measurements of body sizes and condition scores to types of injuries, injury rates and everything in between which has an effect or may influence the life of a farm working dog.

The study is called “TeamMate’ and we have Lori Linney, our vet in Alexandra, leading the study assisted by Helen Williamson from our office in Timaru.  Both of these women have a love of working dogs and admire their capacity for work, their resilience and their ability to perform in all conditions.  Vetlife clinics and veterinarians from all over our region are participating in TeamMate which is giving us a wide range of data to analyse and work with.

Massey University EpiCentre and Massey University Working Dog Centre are extremely helpful with study design, data analysis and advice and are now funding a nested project within the TeamMate study.  We are pleased to be working alongside their wealth of knowledge and experience and the resources they have available to them.

You are welcome to join the study with your farm working dogs at any time during the study – just click on the TeamMate link below or ask in your local Vetlife clinic.


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According to reports and recent data from Ovis Management the incidence of sheep measles cases is on the increase so we remind all rural people to worm their dogs monthly with a tapeworm product like Droncit or Wormicide and every three months with a broad spectrum wormer like Endogard or Drontal to control all other types of worms.

Remember puppies need to be wormed from two weeks of age every two weeks until twelve weeks of age.

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For more information or to talk to one of our staff please contact your local clinic.