Teammate Registration


Why is Vetlife carrying out this project?
There is very little data to refer to, or be able to make recommendations from, regarding our unique
New Zealand working dogs. Vetlife understands that justlike any other farm animal farmers want to
see maximum return on investment for these valuable animals who have a relatively short working life.

What does Vetlife expect to find with this project?
We aim to identify factors which contribute to the health, well-being and longevity of working dogs:

  • establish the cost-benefit relationship for improved longevity.
  • identify causes of loss of dogs from the working dog team.
  • observe the incidence of disease and injury of working dogs.

What is involved if I want to participate in this project with my dogs?

  • An initial interview and questionnaire by a Vetlife team member
  • A free physical examination of your dogs three to four times a year with checkpoints to be recorded.

And less regularly as required:

  • x-rays of joints to determine any changes over time.
  • blood tests to measure various health markers.
  • cardiovascular examination.

How long is the project?
Three to five years.

Who can participate in this project?
We need to recruit around 250 dogs working on a range of farming systems for the project. Anyone with a
team of more than two to three farm working dogs on any type of farming property is welcome to join the

Are there any benefits to joining the project?
Yes, you will automatically become a member of the TeamMate Club which will provide savings on various
working dog products either in clinic or shipped directly to your farm, a regular TeamMate newsletter and access
to any TeamMate study findings as they become available.

When does the project begin?
April 2014

How do I register?
Just fill in the online registration form to your right and a TeamMate team member will make contact with you.

Upper Clutha A&P Show
Vetlife enjoyed summer in Wanaka for the two day Upper Clutha A&P show on March 7-8, 2014 – we had a
larger site this year with the bonus of some trees for shade and the food stalls and stage directly across
from our tent.  An extra surprise on Friday morning was the announcement we had won ‘Best Small Trade
Exhibit’ which was presented to us in the Presidents marquee later in the day by John Key.

Clover and Billy the goats (who most people remembered from last year) were part of our display again, and
the heifer weigh crate trailer prompted a few questions but the standout attraction were Stu, Stubborn and
Stu’s dog – our TeamMate sculptures created by Hannah Kidd.
Hannah also came to visit during the show with her family and was able to see the interest generated by her work.

Wanaka Show is a fabulous place to visit – the entertainment is all free, there is always an event on in the
main ring (the terrier race is a hilarious sight) and bring your credit card for the awesome shopping.


For more information or to talk to one of our staff please contact your local clinic.