Who We Are

Vetlife Background

P1020388Vetlife is a progressive veterinary business providing services to a large range of clients throughout the east coast of the South Island.

Vetlife have 17 clinics available to meet all your production, lifestyle and companion animal needs.

You can be rest assured our teams of people are available to assist with your animal needs, whether just to answer an enquiry or in an emergency. Vetlife as a practice have the support of over 50 veterinarians and a large team of support people to assist you in all areas of veterinary health care.

With Vetlife’s dedicated highly skilled team of people, and our reputation on delivering quality health care and advice in all areas of veterinary medicine, you can be assured your production, lifestyle and companion animals are in the best care.

Vetlife have a comprehensive retail offering with competitive prices on products due to large buying power. Retail is a large aspect of the business and our team of people have excellent product knowledge in all areas to assist you with the best products for all your animal needs.

Although Vetlife is now one of the largest veterinary organisation in the South Island, it essentially is the combination of three vet clubs and a private practice, with a forward-looking vision.

The underlying entity is the South Canterbury Vet Club which was established in the early 1950s. As opportunities arose the Vet Club changed to a contract practice and developed into the Vetlife of today through purchasing other vet clinics and merging with North Otago Vet Services in 2006.

Vetlife became the overarching company name in 2007, recognising the need for a non-regionalised and future-focused brand.

Call in to discuss your animal needs with our highly trained and friendly team of people today.

For more information or to talk to one of our staff please contact your local clinic.