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Vetlife offers dairy, sheep, beef, deer, equine and companion animal vet and health services plus has a comprehensive retail offering.
Vetlife offers a full range of professional veterinary services to help you get the best from your animals.

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Find your nearest clinic, how to contact them and see who will be looking after you and your animals. We have vet clinics throughout Canterbury and Otago for all your companion animal and rural animal vet needs.

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Pet Owners


Have you recently given your pet a worming tablet? Routine worming is recommended to prevent the buildup of intestinal parasites.

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Dairy Farmers

Preventable Herd Problems

This dry period, don’t get caught out with preventable herd problems that can cause mass devastation. Rumenal acidosis, bloat and nitrate toxicity can cause whole herds to die, and even if you’re lucky to catch it before then, the follow-on effects into the new season can be very sobering. The best solution to these problems is preventing them from occurring in the first place.

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Sheep and Beef Farmers

Sheep – Fly control at tailing.

  • Lamb vaccine at tailing if ewes not vaccinated pre-lamb
  • Check scabby mouth vaccine takes after 10 days
  • Early lambs first draft- give the remaining lambs a drench (if ewes not capsuled) and a B12 injection.
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Moody Mares

Spring has sprung bringing with it a host of problems for some mare owners.  During this transition phase when the mare begins to cycle again her hormonal fluctuations can result in seemingly never-ending oestrus behaviour – winking, frequent urination, vocalizing, erratic behaviour, attitude adjustments and so on, driving some owners to even consider selling the mare as it interferes with early season competitions.

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Working Dog

Winter Chills

Winter months are approaching and our working dogs either require more food or more warmth, to maintain a healthy body condition score.You can either add bedding to their kennels and cover the door with a sack or flap to prevent cold wind entering their sleeping area or provide your dogs with a coat.Sometimes it is a trial to find out what each particular dog favours but we have found there are not many who don’t like coats once they become used to wearing them.

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