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Vetlife offers dairy, sheep, beef, deer, equine and companion animal vet and health services plus has a comprehensive retail offering.
Vetlife offers a full range of professional veterinary services to help you get the best from your animals.

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Find your nearest clinic, how to contact them and see who will be looking after you and your animals. We have vet clinics throughout Canterbury and Otago for all your companion animal and rural animal vet needs.

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Monthly Tip

Dairy Farmers

    Despite the title, this monthly tip is very important! If you haven’t already you need to start thinking about your bulls for the end of AB.  Whether you have your own bulls or are renting them here are some things you need to consider

Sheep & Beef Farmers

  • Pre-weaning drench at first draft to remaining lambs if ewes not capsuled and also give a B12 injection.
  • Check scabby mouth vaccine takes.
  • Vet check stud rams for Brucellosis.


  • Allergic Skin Reactions (Hives, urticaria)
    Hives, or urticaria, are areas of oedema that start as small bumps, and then coalesce into larger, flat topped bumps with steep sides.

Working Dog

  • Fleas
    Because farm working dogs are typically housed in kennels outside and are not generally permitted to smooch up to their owners, fleas are not visible to the dog owners or considered to be a problem.  But they are a problem to the dog.

Pet Owners

  • Barley Grass
    Summer is when we need to start checking for Barley grass in our pets.  Barley grass commonly cause issues by becoming lodged in between toes, down ears, under eyelids or up the nose, however they can be found anywhere on the body.
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Join a Bobby Calf Focus event for farm owners and managers and set up your farm for a risk-free, successful calving season with the best care for your calves.

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A study to help us understand how to extend the working life of our hard-working employees – the huntaways and heading dogs on your farms.


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