Vetlife will work directly with you to understand your farm and your production goals and to come up with a plan to ensure success partnered with animal welfare.


Why Vetlife?

Being based in the South Island and employing a large number of locals, farming is in our blood.

Vetlife employs experts in all aspects of farm animal health, and we are here to support your operation and remove some stress. We want to help you achieve your production goals and share the load of the health and welfare of your animals. Vetlife works the hours that you do, with someone on call 24/7 for emergency service support.

We can also add value to your operation by also offering products and services that fit your needs, as well as educating you on any modern techniques you can use to improve production. We get to know you, your family, your farm and your goals in order to personalise our offering to you.

Our Services

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Our Services

With a large number of vets with a broad range of skills, we can help all your animals on the farm.

At Vetlife, our veterinarians are part of your community and understand the unique challenges of each area in which they work.  We will come up with an animal health plan together taking animal welfare into account.  Vetlife will ensure that you have records for quality assurance purposes.  Vetlife will also show you how to measure improvements, complete required reporting and do any required tracking.  Our unique knowledge and proactive preventative care will ensure that you are dealing with issues as they arrive, rather than just providing ambulatory services.  Our production animal veterinarians and technicians are always available to come on farm when required.

Our Expertise

Our production animal team are your animal health partners and they know how to get the best out of your animals.

We have best practice production animal teams at Vetlife who can come to your farm and train your farm teams when needed. Together we will make sure that your animals are not only productive but also healthy and lead pleasant, pain-free lives.  Our highly skilled veterinary professionals keep up to date with the latest techniques and research, as well as engaging with industry experts and consultants where required.  Vetlife also offers an animal monitoring analysis service, CowSmart, and owns the Centre for Dairy Excellence, a dairy consultancy specialising in data analysis, livestock intelligence, farm systems and nutrition.

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