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Our Knowledge

At Vetlife, we have a large number of dairy professionals who can help you achieve your animal health and welfare, reproductive and production goals.

Vetlife are locally owned and operated and are dedicated to assisting on farm performance.   Our devoted staff provide specific, timely and appropriate skills and information to assist your dairy business.  We work with famers to try and maximise herd health and welfare.  This often leads to better reproductive performance and production.  In addition, we do have a dedicated dairy consultancy component to the business with enthusiastic, experienced farm consultants.

Our Services

Our Production Animal teams offer a variety of services for your herd.

We offer many services to assist your farming enterprise including disbudding, metrichecking and treating of ‘dirty cows’, body condition scoring, reproductive planning and review (including non-cycler prevention and treatment, and synchronisation programmes), full range of pregnancy testing including foetal aging, trace element prevention and monitoring (including liver biopsies).  Vetlife can also assist with preventative animal health plans, development of farm biosecurity plans, individual cow tail scoring, in house milk culturing to ensure fast turn-around times, teat sealing in heifers and dry cow therapy administration assistance.  In addition to these services, we offer some more tailored services including Healthy Hoof, for review of lameness prevention and management, and NMAC mastitis advisors for those times when SCC or mastitis issues arise, as well as the ‘FutureCow’ program for advice and planning on growing your calves, through to entering the herd.

Why Vetlife

Vetlife are dairy herd professionals, dedicated to providing advice and tools to assist farmers to achieve success.

At Vetlife, we look at the complete picture when it comes to dairy cow production.   We get to know you, your operation, your farm, and your goals.  We then tailor our veterinary advice and services to ensure you achieve success on your farm.  We believe in creating successful and sustainable farming operations and want to be right there helping farmers achieve in these areas.  Owners of animal monitoring can benefit from our CowSmart consultancy which transforms your raw automated data into actionable insights, to help you maximise your return on investment.

Vetlife also have our own dairy consultancy service the ‘Centre for Dairy Excellence’, which helps dairy farmers to improve on-farm performance and profitability.  These consultants have had many years’ experience in dairy farming and have understanding around nutrition and system management.  To add to this, we have an area of the business that is dedicated to research to assist further advances within the industry.