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Whether you’re off on holiday or just need a safe place to leave your cat for the day, our safe and secure catteries in Ashburton, Timaru and Wanaka offer the 'purr'-fect retreat.

Our catteries are run by animal lovers and we will ensure your cat has a relaxing, enjoyable stay. Whether your beloved cat is staying with us for a short or long duration, our specially trained team will treat them like one of the family. We’ll take care of any special diets, medications and elderly cat care. For extra peace of mind, we’ll monitor your cat’s health and wellbeing throughout their stay. This will include regular weight checks and a dental check-up by our trained animal care assistants. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, we will provide you with helpful advice, such as if they should be seen by your vet on your return.


Our passionate veterinary staff are on hand to help with any special requirements or routines treatments, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your cat is being well looked after.

Your cat can be with us for a short-term or long-term stay, whatever suits your situation. One of the benefits of having your pet board with us is having professional veterinary staff on hand, so your animal is looked after at the highest level. This can be especially convenient if your animal has health needs, takes regular medication, has a special diet or needs a routine treatment during its stay, such as a dental service, vaccination, flea or worm treatment. Vetlife will make sure your cat returns home happy and contented after their stay at one of our catteries.

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Each of our peaceful cat-only boarding catteries are set in separate wings away from any barking dogs.

Your cat will have their own non-communal rest compartment with access to secure indoor and outdoor areas as required, with a peaceful garden or courtyard view. Our warm and cosy units are equipped with heating (either underfloor heating and/or controlled air conditioning) and comfortable bedding. You can always bring bedding from home or a favourite toy to help make your cat feel right at home. Your cat will also be provided premium veterinary nutrition and lots of cuddles when they board with us.

Vetlife Ashburton Cattery: This established cattery overlooks a grassy lawn. There are two types of unit – fully private units, ideal for cats sharing from one household; units with a private ‘bedroom’, with dedicated time to exercise independently indoors and outdoors.
Vetlife Timaru Cattery: This quiet cattery offers a sanctuary overlooking an interior courtyard, with all units circling the exterior. All units offer a private ‘bedroom’ area with dedicated time to exercise independently indoors and outdoors.
Vetlife Wanaka Cattery: This newly built cattery offers a safe and relaxing retreat for your cat with a choice of two unit types: Gold (outside access, ideal for longer stays) and Silver (ideal for a familiarisation visit or as a short-term option for when you need somewhere safe for your cat for a day or two). Gold units feature a private ‘bedroom’ area, with dedicated time to exercise independently indoors and outdoors.


Arrange a tour of your local Vetlife cattery today to see our modern, clean and comfortable boarding facilities for yourself.

For more information on current availability, prices and loyalty rates, please call our friendly, helpful team:

Ashburton 03 307 5195 | Timaru 03 684 8181 | Wanaka 03 443 6409.

Alternatively, you can express your interest in arranging a tour or reserving a cattery space. Please note we book up early for peak holiday seasons, such as Easter and Christmas.

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Cattery FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Will my cat be mixing with other cats?
No. Your cat will be kept separate from other cats at all other times.

Can I provide toys and bedding for my cat?
Absolutely. We recommend bringing familiar bedding and toys from home to help your cat settle as quickly as possible.

What do I need to do before boarding my cat at one of your catteries?
To ensure your cat and their fellow guests have the best experience, there are a couple of essential requirements for boarding your cat with us.
Core vaccinations: As feline viruses can spread easily in catteries, it is essential to ensure your pet is up to date with their core vaccinations. This will include annual vaccines to protect against Feline Herpesvirus (FHV-1) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV), and a three-yearly Feline Parvovirus (FPV) vaccine. Our cattery staff will need to view your vaccine card if your cat’s records are not held with Vetlife.
Flea and worm treatment: Up to date with a reputable flea and worm treatment.

My cat gets anxious on car trips. What can I do?
If car rides and cattery visits make your cat anxious, please chat with our veterinary team about how we can make this a more enjoyable experience for you both.