Vetlife is caring and compassionate towards all animals, including the family pet. We offer value-based treatment to your precious pet at all stages of life, whether you have adopted a new animal, or it is time for the last goodbye. You can trust us to provide attentive and dedicated care.



Vetlife can also help you with routine treatments including vaccinations, flea/lice treatment, microchipping, worming, weight management planning and dental care.

These treatments are essential for general health and can be performed by your local clinic. When your animal is in pain or has had an accident, we treat them with compassion and use our experience to achieve the best possible outcome. Vetlife can provide x-rays, general and orthopaedic surgery and vet-only medication. Vetlife’s experienced veterinarians and support staff will also provide continuity of care after hospitalisation. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology, with full hospital capability for surgeries and operations.


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Our clinic rooms are clean and fully stocked, and the extended care we provide after procedures ensures your pet returns home happier and healthier.

We can also provide on-the-spot answers from our in-house radiology and laboratories. Some clinics also have full dental capability, so if your pet needs any dentistry work done – we can help.  We offer a large range of premium pet foods, pet toys and accessories, routine treatments and prescription diet foods on sale through the retail space within our clinics. We are also strong believers in providing dignity for older animals. Vetlife can ensure that older animals are comfortable and prevented from pain, while managing conditions and helping them to maintain a healthy weight.


Your pet is in good hands with our caring professionals.

At Vetlife we offer our own puppy classes to ensure the relationship between you and your four-legged companion is as rewarding as possible.  We also offer catteries for those times when you are not able to be at home with your beloved pet.

Pets add so much value to our lives, they become companions, friends and part of the family.  At Vetlife we understand this and are always eager to help our valued clients.  Get in touch with us if we can help your beloved pet in any way.

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“Friendly staff and vets. Always goes the extra mile for the clients. ”