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With 18 clinics throughout Canterbury and Otago, we can support your sheep and beef production goals.

At Vetlife, we are sheep and beef experts.  We understand the unique needs of your farm and the importance of animal health.  Vetlife work directly with you on your farm to ensure that production goals are met, whilst ensuring the health and wellbeing of your stock.  We can ensure that preventative measures are taken ahead of time to eliminate issues later on.  Our animal health advice is given in line with current best practice and up-to-date research.


Vetlife has been around a long time and understands the needs of sheep farmers.

At Vetlife, we offer a variety of services for your sheep operation.  These include animal health programmes, faecal egg counting and reduction tests, footrot typing, thyroid testing and trace element testing, all in conjunction with sound advice.  We look after all forms of fertility management, from pregnancy testing and ram vasectomies to ram soundness, palpating and blood testing.  We will work with you on your farm to ensure strong lamb survival rates, weaning weights and growth rates to maximise your farm’s returns.  Vetlife also provide advice on vaccinations, products, pre-lamb management, nutrition and parasite management to maximise productivity.


Vetlife will engage with you to maximise productivity at all life stages.

Animal health planning is important to ensure your farm achieves your production goals.  Vetlife keep up to date with current thinking by regularly attending sheep and beef conferences, and by participating in industry research and related activities.  We can provide bull testing with a bull crush, vaccination advice, trace element testing, parasite management, dehorning / disbudding, liver biopsies and advisory services to maximise the health of your herd.  We can advise how to enhance nutrition and supplementation to maximise growth rates.  Vetlife can also assist with fertility testing and pregnancy scanning.