Lifestyle block owners are well supported by Vetlife, no matter what animals they own or requirements they have.

Unique understanding

Vetlife has experience working with lifestyle block owners and their animals.

Whether you have a farming background or are starting out with a beginner’s knowledge of animal health, we at Vetlife can add value to your operation.  Our veterinarians and support staff have a working knowledge of many animals.  Animals we see regularly include pigs, chickens, cattle, deer, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep and horses, but we can also help with any others you may happen to own.  Vetlife can also provide advice on the facilities best suited to your animals.  Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Vetlife can help with goats, pigs, alpacas/llamas and chickens

Whether you are keeping goats as pets or farming them for wool, meat or milk, we can help provide advice including hoof trimming, castration, parasite control, nutrition advice, general consultations, disbudding and vaccinations.  Pigs can be simple creatures to keep happy, but we can help with nose ringing, castration, nutrition advice, parasite control and vaccinations.  If you are lucky enough to keep alpacas, we can help with the general medicine side of things but also vitamin supplementation, dental care, wound treatment, vaccinations and parasite control.  Chickens are a popular animal to keep as both a pet and on a lifestyle block.  Vetlife can help provide advice on dietary needs, housing and parasite control.

Other animals

We can also help with cattle, sheep and horses (on a lifestyle block or farm).

If you wish to raise cattle on a lifestyle block, we can help with advice on drenching programmes, vaccinations, nutrition advice, parasite control, disbudding, reproduction advice and general consultative advice. Sheep are common on lifestyle blocks, but they need a lot of care to ensure they are shorn correctly, are protected from diseases and parasites are kept at bay.  We can provide vaccinations, advice regarding parasite control and help during lambing time, supplementation advice, reproduction advice and general consultative advice.  Horses are unique creatures that require a lot of care.  We have a dedicated equine page here for more information on how we can support your needs.

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“Just what I want in my local vet. Caring, kind, going above and beyond. Each staff member I have encountered over the past few months: reception, nurses and vets, has been amazing. Thank you so much for your support and kindness.”