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Barley grass

Every summer we see dogs which have fallen victim to the dreaded barley grass. They are a common problem in dogs such as Spaniels with long coats, however any breed can be affected. Two common places we remove seeds from are in and around the paws and down the ear canal. Licking at feet or […]


Is your ram flock up for it?

With the ram sales already happening, it is time to have a sort out of your existing ram flock to ascertain numbers of new rams required. These new acquisitions should be from a brucellosis-free accredited flock that fits your farm’s management systems and goals. Care must be taken if getting cheap rams from saleyards – […]


The importance of a properly administered clostridial vaccination

Clostridial vaccines are one of the most researched and well understood vaccinations on the market. The cost-benefit ratio of a successful clostridial vaccination programme always works in the farmer’s favour. You only have to save one in six hundred lambs to pay for the cost, and the faster you grow your lambs the more you […]


TSE surveillance

      In December 1984, on a farm in Sussex, suspicions of a new disease in cattle began to develop. In the following year, a postmortem diagnosed Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, or Mad Cow Disease). This was the beginning of a public crisis in and for the United Kingdom. This crisis cost 177 human […]


Dairy youngstock management in autumn

Ensuring optimum animal health in youngstock going into the autumn period can help maintain growth rates, hit liveweight targets for mating and minimise illness and disease. At this time of year, it is important to consider all aspects of health and feeding. Health issues of importance include parasitism, yersinia and trace element deficiencies. Feeding will […]


Feeding hinds for fawn management

One of the problems with managing hinds over the summer is that the fawning of hinds does not match feed supply and demand as well as sheep and cattle lambing and calving in the spring. Hinds fawn after grass has gone reproductive and has largely lost its best feed quality. Deer are programmed to make […]


Managing the ewe flock in the ‘dry’

Going into a dry spell, it is essential to make early decisions. Matching feed supply and demand in advance through feed budgeting is critical. Knowing what feed you have on hand, on a megajoules of metabolisable energy (MJME) basis, means you need to know the weight and energy content of the available forage types. These […]


Sheep abortion vaccines

On most New Zealand sheep farms there are “normal” pregnancy losses of around 1-2% from scanning to birth; any pre-lambing losses higher than this are abnormal and should be investigated to identify the cause of abortion. In any one year, up to 5% of the farms in New Zealand can experience an “abortion storm” with […]


Thinking of exporting cattle out of NZ?

Plan well ahead (1-2 years) with Vetlife so that your NAIT number qualifies on animal health requirements. The live exporting of both dairy and beef cattle to destinations such as China continues. Part of the strict legal requirements is for the exporting farm (NAIT number-based) to have suitable animals, based on the health status of […]


Parasite risk with rain in drought conditions

When it comes to pasture parasite contamination, we usually think of lush pastures, with moist conditions that allow worms to thrive. But unfortunately, drought conditions present a significant risk, especially after rain. It is well known that intestinal parasite eggs require moisture in order to hatch and develop into infective larvae. The larvae tend to […]


GDV bloat

Bloat in dogs is medically known as GDV (Gastric Dilation and Volvulus). It is the bloating and twisting of the stomach that most commonly occurs in large breed, deep chested dogs, like the Great Dane, St. Bernard, Weimaraner and Setters to name the top 4. GDV can rapidly progress to severe illness and death in […]


Pet insurance

Having to take an unexpected trip to the vet feels a little like needing to go to the dentist, we know we will get a quality professional service to help fix the problem, but we may leave with our wallets a little, or a lot lighter. In New Zealand we are fortunate to have access […]



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