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Post weaning management of calves

After weaning, sometimes our calves, sent off to run-off blocks,  can get a little forgotten, and all the hard work you have put into your replacements can easily be lost if effort is not made to monitor them.  All too often in the summer, we are called to see sick R1s, and, nearly always, the […]



Numnuts are coming! A new and novel rubber ring applicator is set to adorn our stores by spring 2021. This will be good news for lambs, as the world-first device has been shown to deliver close to 70% pain reduction in lambs after ring application, leading to faster mothering-up, less mismothering and smoother paddock return […]


Early treatment of non-cycling cows and novel treatment options

Non-cycling cows in dairy herds can have a significant impact on the reproductive and economic viability of a herd. It is important to identify and treat these cows early as they often have reduced submission and conception rates, and these can result in reduced in-calf rates, a prolonged calving period and fewer days in milk […]


Deer Fawning / Calving

Hind nutrition and body condition, along with the environment of the fawning paddocks, are the important determinants in the success of fawning. The target body condition score (BCS) of hinds throughout pregnancy and into fawning is 3.5.  A BCS of 3 is moderate and 4 is good. Hinds should not be fat (greater than BCS […]


Heifer Synchrony Programmes

Your heifers are genetically the best animals in your herd, so why wait another year to have them produce replacement heifer calves? Synchronising your heifers for AI ensures they are ready on day one of mating, meaning they are more likely to get in calf early and then have more opportunities to get in calf. […]


Dog worming

Worming, or “dosing “dogs for control of internal parasites, has been part of farming husbandry for years.   Control of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms affects the health and wellbeing of our four-legged work mates, but the control of dog tapeworms is also important in meat hygiene and human disease. Hydatids disease, caused by the dog […]


Spotlight on beef cow mating

Calving will be well underway or finished for most farmers by now.  Therefore, mating is just around the corner, and we should be asking ourselves what key management decisions can be made now to maximise beef herd profitability. It is known that the productivity of the beef herd is predominantly influenced by reproductive efficiency.  More […]


Greyhound Hemimelia Case Study

Harriet, a four-month old female greyhound, was presented to the Oxford clinic with the suspicion of a dislocated toe. Greyhound puppies are reared on their mothers until around 10 weeks of age, before being weaned with their litter mates and managed in small paddocks with kennel shelter. This puppy was apparently normal at weaning and […]


Artificial Insemination: pups for Teazel

Congratulations to a local Fairlie family on their litter of adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppies born from a successful artificial insemination performed by Dr. Hillary Nicolson of Vetlife Fairlie. Teazel’s humans sought help from Vetlife after it became clear that Teazel was not having a bar of ‘standing’ for the baby daddy ‘Ace’, even although […]


Get ready for tailing and weaning! Be in to win with SMARTSHOT®*.

SMARTSHOT® B12 Purchase SMARTSHOT® B12 and/or SMARTSHOT® B12 Plus SE from Vetlife and go into the draw to win a Farmquip Sheep Weigh Crate and Gallagher Scale Combo worth $3,000. As an exclusive Vetlife clinic draw in Canterbury and Otago, you are in with a good chance to win! Developed by AgResearch and extensively trialled […]


MPI providing $150 incentive for TSE test in eligible cattle

MPI have a commitment to assuring New Zealand’s export customers that we are free from TSE’s (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, known as mad cow disease).  This helps keep exportation demand strong for local farmers. Biosecurity New Zealand offer financial incentives to help monitor animals which may present clinical neurological signs.  This financial incentive of $150 plus […]


Young cattle on crops

It is common practice to winter young growing beef cattle on brassica crops. Brassica crops are a great source of dry matter over a period when dry matter is at a premium. Good crops may yield 6-7 tonnes of DM/ha, and, in wet areas, condensing stock onto a good crop enables valuable winter pasture to […]



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