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Targeted selective treatment

Resistance to worm drenches is a well recognised issue in the sheep industry, but it is also starting to become more common amongst mobs of dairy heifer replacements in their first season’s grazing.  Unfortunately, New Zealand leads the world in the occurrence of drench resistance amongst cattle parasites.  Although there are a lot of factors […]


Animal Monitoring – the game changer

Automated heat detection, real-time health monitoring, virtual fencing – technology has arrived in the dairy industry, and it is here to stay! We now have the ability to accurately monitor individual cows in real time by using this advanced equipment to observe, assess and refine our systems to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. […]


Conception: It’s all about timing!

As we move through calving, our attention (hopefully) starts to focus on mating. While for most of us it is still 6 weeks away, our success depends largely on the combination of two factors – submission rates along with conception rates. Sadly, we are often most preoccupied with submission rates and accept that, if we […]


Novel drench use in R1 calves

  Many farming systems have designated youngstock properties or areas of the farm where youngstock do most of their rotational grazing. Whilst this is a sound and practical way of managing the all-important formative years of your cattle, it is not always the best way to manage the unseen challenge lurking beneath – that is […]


BCS and mating

New Zealand’s pasture-based dairy system is characterised by a seasonal calving pattern that matches pasture growth, starting in the spring and, of course, finishing in the autumn.  The aim of this type of system is to have a calving interval no longer than 365 days. To be able to achieve this target, it is necessary […]


Pasteurisation – is it time to consider?

What is pasteurisation?  It is a process whereby milk is heated to a certain temperature for a certain period of time thus killing bacteria and viruses. There are two types of pasteurisation: High Temp Heat Treatment (HTHT) or “flash” pasteurisation which works on a continuous flow process. It is short and quick, heating milk to […]


Fonterra Co-operative Difference – How your veterinarian can assist in achievement of level one and two

If you are a Fonterra supplier, you should have been notified over the past couple of months about changes around the Fonterra Co-operative Difference, both in how it is structured and how payment is made.  This is a framework that Fonterra are using to ensure that on-farm practices support the achievement of their strategy.  It […]


NSAID use in mastitis

Mention mastitis on any farm and discussion almost immediately turns to bacteria and which might be responsible for the given scenario. However, this is not necessarily the correct link to make. Mastitis simply describes inflammation of the mammary tissue. Although bacteria may be (and often are) responsible for causing that inflammation, there are other causes […]


Centre for Dairy Excellence

Centre for Dairy Excellence It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself: I am Mark Youngs, Principal Consultant for the Centre for Dairy Excellence Ltd. As of the 1 April 2021, TSG Consultants partnered with Vetlife, starting a new agricultural consultancy service called the Centre for Dairy Excellence. We think that this is one of […]


A useful in-house test available to clients – Mastatest® by Mastaplex

Mastitis is a problem that no farm can avoid, however, by lowering rates and increasing response, the treatments are all steps in the right direction. A number of different pathogens are responsible for being the causal agents in mastitis cases, and understanding what we are dealing with can help tailor a treatment plan which is […]


BVD – the scourge disease of all NZ cattle diseases

BVD is a viral disease that causes profound suffering for both individual cattle and cattle at a herd level. BVD is commonly found in New Zealand dairy and beef herds. BVD must be assumed to be present and causing stock losses unless proven otherwise. Many NZ cattle farmers do not recognise BVD disease symptoms, so […]


Dry Cow Therapy decisions for 2021

It is the time of the year when we start to think about preparing for drying off the cows, and, in particular, what Dry Cow Therapy decisions need to be made this season. To make sure your cows are set up for a great milk quality season, there needs to be a meaningful discussion around […]



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