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Preparing the Calf shed for Calving

Calving shed products

Getting through calving is a little like running a marathon – it can be tough at times, you need to stay mentally strong even when exhausted, and to achieve your best, preparation is key. Firstly, organisation is essential, but this comes more naturally to some people than others. So, for those of you who struggle […]


The Importance of Transitioning Properly

Nutrition and management during the transition period are important, but success is set several months in advance. When we speak about a season, we would normally say it starts on 1st August along with calving and it finishes on the 31st May at dry off. But we actually like starting our season on 1st January, […]


Zoonotic Disease around the Dairy Farm

All farms will have a health and safety plan in place which should cover off things including major on-farm hazards. One aspect of health and safety which can be overlooked, but can have an enormous impact on human health and wellbeing, is a zoonotic disease. A zoonotic disease is one that can be spread from […]


Transition Cow Mineral Mixes

As the season passes by, it becomes more important to ensure all our spring planning is well underway. Tasks such as late-season condition scoring, milk quality reviews and decisions on dry cow are all key tasks that impact spring. Something that is often overlooked is mineral supplementation in late gestation and early lactation. We often […]


The Perfect Diet for Dairy Farms

A farmer asked me for the perfect diet. I, myself, had been trying for the perfect diet for my last eight years of winter milking in our barn before we sold our dairy farm. What a question, extremely exciting. Is the perfect diet the most milk, the greatest profit, the best in-calf rate, the perfect […]


System Heats after a Positive Pregnancy Diagnosis

While pregnancy testing, we often find cows that are pregnant but not to their most recent insemination. In the past, we have put this down to inaccurate records, incorrect heat detection or the known but rare cases of cows showing heat while pregnant. We now have herds with automated heat detection, in the form of […]


Body Condition Scores at Dry Off

Thankfully, this year has seen the highest payout many farmers have experienced for quite some years. Understandably this can increase the temptation to milk cows through for as long as possible and take advantage of the windfall. Unfortunately, this may come at a cost to cow condition at calving, which in turn has many significant knock-on […]


Pink Eye in Cattle

Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as pink eye, is a very common, highly contagious, and considerably painful bacterial eye disease in cattle. Pink eye is caused most commonly by either Moraxella bovis or Moraxella subspecies branhamella ovis (M. ovis). These bacteria can either cause disease on their own or in combination with other […]


Moving away from Blanket Dry Cow Therapy

In 2015 the NZVA issued a statement that by “2030 NZ Inc” would no longer need “antibiotics for the maintenance of animal health”. This had significant implications for the dairy industry where blanket treatment of cows at dry-off with antibiotic Dry Cow Therapy (DCT) was common practice. The alternative and preferred approach is now Selective […]


Technology Supporting the Future of Dairy Farming

The number of animal monitoring devices, commonly known as ‘collars’, is doubling every year. Why is this a growing trend and what options are available on the market? Labour shortages, higher payouts and a global demand for boosting dairy sustainability are all drivers behind an increased uptake of technology on farms. Data is being generated […]


Mastitis shed investigations – what is the point?

Vet conducting a mastitis shed investigation

All too often I find myself having conversations on the phone with farmers regarding mastitis issues… and all too often I find myself trying to diagnose and treat the problem over the phone as well. This is not easy or a sensible way to go – mastitis, whether that be an increase in clinical cases […]


Ensuring your beef bulls are ready to go

A pair of Hereford bulls

Mating season is upon us once again and it is important to set yourself up for success. Having healthy bulls in top form is important to maximise fertility and reduce the chances of mishap. The first step is to ensure that you have enough bulls for your needs. The use of synchrony programmes is often […]



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