Multimin – The Trace Element Treatment that Keeps on Giving

Ivan Holloway

Written by Ivan Holloway

Ivan is a senior veterinarian
& our production animal
business manager.

Multimin® is a unique combination of trace elements that has proven quite positively effective within multiple production parameters. The initial “top up” concept was initially viewed with scepticism by a number of veterinarians (including ourselves), but most of us have since been shown the error of our ways.

While routine supplementation of animals is very effective at preventing deficiency, the extra needs of animals in high-demand periods cannot often be met from routine supplementation.

Boosting rapidly into the peak range before these periods, ensures the animals are as healthy and productive as possible. We now know that Multimin®, with its unique combination of zinc, copper, selenium and manganese, is the right mix of trace elements if given at the right time.

Multiple trials have shown that Multimin®, given to cows prior to calving, calves at birth and again at weaning, and cows prior to mating, produces measurable benefits in terms of improved production parameters.

Cows given Multimin® prior to calving had half the clinical mastitis of untreated cows and a 25% reduction in subclinical mastitis compared to the same untreated cows. Cows in both the treatment and control groups were fully supplemented with trace elements, and this highlights the importance of trace elements supporting the immune system when stressful events such as calving increase demand, even where disease is well controlled and where no deficiencies are apparent.

Farmer holding Multimin“We started using Multimin in 2019 in our calves. Since then we have also been using it in our milking herd and continue to be impressed with the results. By working with our vet, Scott, we plan to continue monitoring our cattle so we can use Multimin at the right time and optimise our results.”

Pete Saywell, Opeartaions Manager Pukaki Flats

Further research, where Multimin® was given to calves at birth from fully supplemented herds, produced more outstanding results. Sickness and death rates, due to scours, navel infections or other diseases, were halved within three days of injection, thus proving the 1ml injection to be extremely cost-effective. Multimin® given again to calves at weaning (a high-stress time for calves and a time when stimulating the immune system is beneficial) was also shown to be beneficial. Further research highlights the benefits of giving Multimin® pre-mating. In the New Zealand study, Multimin®-treated cows had a 3.3% lower empty rate than untreated cows, with pregnancy losses halved in the Multimin®-treated groups. On average, Multimin®-treated cows calved 3.4 days earlier than untreated cows. Vetlife clients used Multimin® successfully in many herds pre-mating last spring.

All trials have shown positive returns on investment when using Multimin®. The returns in cows pre-calving were shown to be $4.00 for every dollar spent, while in calves at birth and weaning the return was 200%. The study of cows pre-mating gave a return of $5.00 per dollar spent.

The concept of “top up” is real, and the unique blend of Multimin® minerals used to complement the immune system pays dividends. Consider talking to your Vetlife veterinarian today to discuss how Multimin® may fit into your programme.

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