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Surgical expertise

Veterinarians are highly trained professionals, skilled in animal surgery.

At Vetlife, the trust you place in us to care for your animal is extremely important to us.  We have veterinary teams comprising highly skilled individuals who are trained to deal with all types of patient care and emergencies. Vetlife will discuss the options available to your animals and what outcomes these will achieve.  Our offerings include orthopaedic, soft tissue, general surgery and medical treatments.  Our veterinarians are supported by highly trained vet nurses during in-clinic surgical procedures, to ensure the best outcome for your animal.

Medical equipment

Our clinics have access to great equipment, products and treatments.

As part of our extensive retail and veterinary heath care offerings, our clinics provide medical treatments, products and supplies for all species of animals.  Vetlife provides a full range of medical facilities for the diagnostic and treatment of pets, utilising specialised veterinary equipment which enables our staff to provide hospitalisation, surgical, in-house laboratory, diagnostics and health care services when your pet is at its most vulnerable.

Recovery support

After surgery, we will provide quality care and advice to help your pet recover as quickly as possible.

Our support staff are trained in providing the best possible aftercare support to ensure your animal’s care continues beyond the clinic doors. You can rest assured that your much-loved pet will receive the best possible care whilst with us, as a follow-up, we offer post-surgical after care, medication administration, patient monitoring and on-call staff.  Our aim is to return animals to their owners and the comfort of their homes as soon as possible, thus reducing stress and better aiding recovery.   We can also offer rehabilitation and wellness services within the practice.