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Why Vetlife?

Vetlife has a particular interest in deer and has many experts working in our clinics.

With strong knowledge about the species, we can help with health advice, products, emergency and routine services.  At Vetlife, we have expertise in both venison and velveting operations.  Vetlife can assist with the velveting process if you are not certified and annual accreditation for certified velvetters.  We offer scanning and reproduction programme services, and can offer advice and recommendations around drenching, disease control, treatments and products.  Vetlife has also contributed to the body of learning for deer – Managing Director Adrian Campbell was awarded the Deer Industry Award jointly with Mandy Bell in 2011 for Johne`s Disease extension and control programmes.

Trace Elements

Ensuring your deer have sufficient levels of trace elements for optimum health.

Deer are very susceptible to trace element deficiencies which influence everything from yearling growth rates to mixed-age hinds` reproductive performance.  Copper, selenium, B12 and iodine all play an important role in a healthy deer. Vetlife can help you to monitor your stock’s levels by blood testing or liver biopsies.  These tests can be done with live animals or at the freezing works when cull or prime animals are sent to slaughter (this is called Optigrow).

Disease Control

We can work with you to ensure preventative measures are taken to protect your stock and treat any animals that are sick.

Vetlife can provide vaccines for Yersiniosis and Leptospirosis.  Yersinia can be an issue at weaning time when young deer become stressed. Lepto vaccination in deer is an option but has real risk potential from both a production and human health and safety perspective.  Vetlife offers TB testing of deer with qualified testers and can also provide advice on how to prevent fusiformis outbreaks in young deer.  Vetlife also offers Johne`s blood testing and management programmes. For peace of mind, we can advise you on meat withholding periods for off-label drench and medications.