Puppy Classes

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Our Classes

Puppy classes help you to communicate what behaviour is appropriate inside and outside the home.

Vetlife run puppy classes at most of our clinics – these are essential for the social development and maturity of your puppy.  We use positive reinforcement methods to teach your puppy all the basic good manners and behaviours required for a harmonious household – how to be calm, how to sit, down, come when called, wait and/or stay.  These are all taught in a safe and caring environment for you and your puppy.  We also help you with the not-so-good behaviours such as biting and chewing, jumping up on people or furniture and toileting.  To enrol in puppy classes, call your local clinic or enquire online (specify puppy classes in the “other” section of the form).

Class Locations

We offer puppy classes at many clinics throughout the Canterbury and Otago regions.

Puppy classes run at the Alexandra, Ashburton, Murrays, Oamaru, Temuka, Timaru, Twizel, and Wanaka clinics.  These classes are subject to minimum numbers, so if you know you are getting a puppy, register your interest with your local clinic.

Registration Requirements

For puppy classes to be effective and safe, we have a few requirements for attendees.

For a puppy to attend, it must have had at least one vaccination, need to be between 8 and 16 weeks of age (or thereabouts) and needs to be on a collar and lead (no retractable leads please).  Puppy classes are a lot of fun, and we encourage you to ask lots of questions – we also provide you with plenty of handouts so you can go home armed with information. By the end of the 4-week course you will see a huge improvement in your puppy’s social behaviour and ability to understand a command.