Pet Advice

Pet parent caring for cat and dog

Veterinary advice on care for your beloved pets

Some useful information to help your pet enjoy their best life possible.



Microchipping is a useful tool for keeping your pet safe.

A simple, safe and permanent tool for helping identify your pet that will usually last their lifetime.

Preventative treatments

Vaccinations, worming and defleaing are essential for protecting your pet from illness and disease.

Do you know what vaccinations are recommended for your pet cat or dog? Or how often to worm and deflea? Read on to find out what steps you can take to help ensure your pet is set up to enjoy their best life with regular preventative treatments, including vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick control.

Weight management

Essential advice on helping your pet stay in good shape.

Weight management isn’t just for overweight pets. Good nutrition and exercise are essential for ensuring your pet is leading a happy and healthy life.

Airedale terrier in hydro pool

Hydrotherapy for cats and dogs

A physiotherapy option for pets who need to rebuild their strength and stamina

We have hydrotherapy pools in Vetlife Timaru and Vetlife Wanaka for pets with weight, age-related or other health issues.

Barley grass seeds

What you need to know about the damage these seeds can cause to dogs.

Walking your dog is one of the many joys of being a companion animal owner. After walking, especially in late summer, we recommend checking over your canine friend for these pesky seeds that can stick like velcro to their fur.

Health checks

Maintain your pet's health and wellbeing

Regular visits to the vet can help keep your pet in the best of health by helping to prevent diseases, as well as diagnose and treat existing diseases.