Our team of passionate pet and farm veterinarians are based across New Zealand's South Island with 24 clinics serving Canterbury, MacKenzie, Otago, Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough.


Vetlife offers complete, optimum care for pets and for farm/production animals.

We understand the emotional connection pet owners have with their animals, and we provide warm, personalised care within our clinics to ensure your companions receive the care they deserve. Vetlife also offers a number of catteries in convenient locations.  If you have a farm or a lifestyle block, Vetlife has dedicated team members who can come out to your property and treat your stock on-site. We can establish a plan to maximise our time on-farm, thus ensuring we create a solution tailored to your operation to keep your animals at peak production.


With clinics in Canterbury, MacKenzie, Otago, Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough, we can help you in your community.

Being locally owned and operated, Vetlife has extensive knowledge of the Otago, Canterbury, MacKenzie and Marlborough regions.  Vetlife is well established with four decades of operation under its belt, and we have working owners. As we are run by vets, we have a thorough understanding of local animal needs, issues and deficiencies, and our focus is on the long-term health and well-being of animals within your community. We are your animal health partners and we will deliver the best outcome for your animals, whether that be by routine treatments, emergency surgery, retail needs within a clinic or expert advice on increasing production on-farm.

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Our People

We employ highly skilled staff and offer great career opportunities.

As an employer, Vetlife can offer career pathways, best practice training and mentoring to graduates. We get to know each team member individually to help them shape a satisfying career.  We pride ourselves on looking after our colleagues and treating them like family. We keep up with modern technology, invest in plant and equipment, encourage active learning and research and work with our people to create sustainable working patterns and commitments. Get in touch if you would like to join the Vetlife family – we would love to hear from you!

Let’s stay in touch

“Just what I want in my local vet. Caring, kind, going above and beyond. Each staff member I have encountered over the past few months: reception, nurses and vets, has been amazing. Thank you so much for your support and kindness.”


Latest News


UBAC®: Changing the Face of Mastitis Prevention

cheese and other dairy products on a table with dairy cows grazing in the background

“UBAC®,” is an exciting development in treating mastitis which is likely the largest cost to the New Zealand dairy industry. It was estimated to cost approximately $180 million for the 2005/2006 dairy season (National Mastitis Advisory Committee, 2006). While several factors can influence the costs per cow on an individual farm, Compton and McDougall (2011) estimated […]



Maximising On-farm Efficiency 

When my 10-year-old finished watching BBC’s ‘Newsround’ last week, I asked him “what was in the news today?”.  I was surprised, expecting to hear about the Gaza conflict, when he answered “oh, they were talking about NZ sheep and how they cause global warming”.    The role sustainability plays Perhaps I should not have been surprised, […]



Knockout Drench: Don’t get caught with worms you can’t kill

A mob of sheep ready for knockout drenching

Managing the effects of parasites on stock is a key factor in farming profitability. Younger animals are impacted most by the number of worm larvae they consume, yet parasites thrive in the warm wet conditions we need to grow high-energy pasture. Every drench is a chance to remove the parasites lambs have consumed since they […]