Life Care programme

Pet parent caring for cat and dog

What is the Best Mate Life Care programme

Helping pets with long-term illness lead happier and healthier lives with affordable preventative and routine pet healthcare

Our pet’s provide us with companionship and in turn, they rely on us to look after them. It can come as an emotional and financial shock when your pet is diagnosed with a chronic or lifelong condition no matter their age. The Best Mate Life Care programme will ensure that your pet receives optimal care while relieving some of the pressure that you may be feeling. Our team will be happy to help you decide if the Best Mate Life Care programme is right for your pet.

Please note: Available at all Vetlife clinics except Blenheim, New Brighton, Mapua, Motueka, Mosgiel and Richmond.

Providing optimal patient care to pets with a chronic long-term diagnosis

Why choose the Best Mate Life Care programme?

When your pet is in good health, you may only see your veterinarian once a year at their annual health check. However, when your pet develops a chronic disease, more intensive veterinary monitoring is required to ensure that they are best managed to maintain their health and qulaity of life. Under our Best Mate Life Care programme, we work with you to schedule veterinarian appointments based around the exact nature of the disease. This pet health care plan is free to join, there’s no membership fee and you pay as you go.

A tabby cat receiving a vet consult

A holistic approach to pet care

A personalised programme tailored to your pet's needs

We believe in not just treating the condition but taking a holistic approach to caring for your pet. We will assist you with how best to help your precious pet enjoy an all-round better quality of life. As part of the Best Mate Life Care programme, you will receive a personalised programme that covers the day-to-day issues that arise from living with a pet with a chronic disease, including nutrition, grooming, behaviour and more.