Clinic services

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Based in the “world famous in Culverden” store (est. 1918), Vetlife Culverden offers veterinary services for pets and production animals.

We are part of the local Culverden community with locally based staff, and we are situated in the centre of town.  Being part of a small town, we know the importance of being friendly, caring and approachable.  Vetlife Culverden is here to help you care for your beloved pets or provide advice to increase production and the wellbeing of your farm or lifestyle block animals.


Vetlife Culverden provides treatments, hospitalisation and retail offerings for the local community.

Opening in 2015, the Culverden clinic offers a variety of services including consultations, x-ray facilities, laboratory services and surgery.  We also offer routine services and treatments including microchipping, neutering, flea and worming treatments, dental checks, preventative care and nutritional advice.  Vetlife Culverden also has thorough expertise in dairy, sheep, beef and deer, and we can travel out to farms for production animal needs.  We provide a range of dairy services, including routine disbudding, metrichecking, reproductive programmes and reviews, body condition scoring, pregnancy scanning, trace element monitoring, tailored animal health plans, teat sealing and dry-off services.  Sheep & Beef services include ram palpations, ram vasectomies, pregnancy testing, animal health plans and drenching plans.