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The Centre for Dairy Excellence specialises in dairy and beef consultancy.

We are a business that focuses on farm consultancy and the adoption and value of technology on farm.  We offer innovative, practical solutions to financial, animal and data management issues for improving on-farm performance and profitability.  We are available to answer questions and help you understand how these products fit into your farming system, as well as support you to use the information to make better on-farm decisions. We are based out of Geraldine within a clinic, servicing the wider area. The Centre for Dairy Excellence (previously EveryCow) works alongside the on-farm team, the vets and other rural professionals already involved in the farm.


We are strong believers in not reporting what happened last month but being proactive about what will happen next month.

Working alongside your vets, we offer support in areas such as herd body condition scoring and management, calf and heifer rearing, beef cattle raising, milk curve planning and herd wastage minimisation. We have vast experience in establishing and implementing feed budgets and plans, assisting with winter feed and transition management and helping farmers make the best feeding decisions.  We specialize in interpreting large quantities of data from various sources on farm and identifying trends, as well as supporting efficient farm systems.  We also have vast experience in the livestock intelligence space, having worked alongside the Allflex cow collars since 2016.  If you would like to talk to one of our hard working team about how we could help your farming business, please give us a call.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 2.30pm