Clinic services

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The Oxford Vetlife clinic provides a full range of pet veterinary services through to production animal, with a core component of dairy.

Vetlife Oxford services the people of the Oxford township and surrounding areas, which includes a large number of lifestyle block owners.  As a result, we also provide a number of lifestyle block specific packages.  Our friendly practice has grown substantially within the past five years.  We now accommodate seven vets and a number of well qualified and experienced nursing, rural technician and support staff.  This provides a variety of both medical and surgical knowledge, in both the pet and production animal fields.  Vetlife Oxford has a range of equipment to enable the fast and effective diagnosis and treatment of ill and injured pets.  We house blood analysis equipment, x-ray, ultrasound, full dentistry, fluid therapy, advanced anaesthetic monitoring equipment and orthopaedic equipment.  We also run regular Puppy Preschool classes with one of our highly experienced staff members.  Currently, Vetlife Oxford is undergoing building alterations to allow us to provide greater support to our customers in the future.  We’d like to apologise for any disruption or inconvenience to our clients during this process.


Our production animal team have a lot of depth and experience and we offer all production animal services.

These include aged pregnancy testing, staff training, reproductive consultation and intervention (InCalf advisors), milk quality consultation and intervention, Healthy Hoof programme, BCS (DairyNZ qualified staff), disbudding and teat sealing services, and a raft of technician services.  We are also able to provide insight into your systems to assist farmers to increase productivity and health in their herd.


Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8am – 5pm (consults 9-11:30am and 2-3.30pm)

Wednesday: 8am – 7pm (consults 1-6:30pm).