Clinic services

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Vetlife Twizel is a mixed practice, offering services for farms, lifestyle blocks and pet owners.

The Twizel clinic includes an open showroom, consultation room, laboratory, large surgery and a quiet ‘rest and recovery’ room. The companion animal team provides routine services such as vaccinating, worming, microchipping, spaying, neutering, and dental surgery. Our digital x-ray and in-house blood machine also allow us to perform new and on-going diagnostics, surgery and emergency care for the Mackenzie District.  Cases which require extra care can be completed at nearby Vetlife clinics.


Vetlife Twizel provides a range of services for our production animal and equine clients.

These services include pregnancy scanning, metrichecking and metricuring, teat sealing, disbudding, bull testing, body condition scoring, blood testing, de-velveting and more.  Vetlife Twizel stocks production animal products including drench, metabolics, stock feed and more, and a great range of companion animal food, toys, leads and other products.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm