Dairy calves

Late Calf Scours and Yersinia

From Christmas through the autumn – does a bit of green on the rear end mean anything?

Every year we support some clients dealing with scouring calves through the 0-3 month period. However, calves that scour from Christmas onwards through the autumn are often ignored, invariably on the basis that “this is normal, the grass is pretty soft” or “yes we know, so what?”

Vetlife is increasingly aware that, most often, the cause of calf scouring over this 4-8 month age group is Yersinia. We are more and more convinced that this cause of scours can occur even within the best-managed calf herds, and, as such, represents a disease and a/or a disease outbreak.

While few calves actually ‘die’ from green scours through this period, we do know that a significant tail-end develops, and indeed the individual growth rates of calves can plummet considerably over 14-21 days.

However, we are developing more treatment and prevention protocols for Yersinia all the time. The time to recognise these symptoms is from December onwards. Do not let green scours in calves (or Yersinia) rob you and your calves of daily growth rates this year.

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